About Us

Key to a Healthy Lifestyle, LLC is a telemedicine-based company run by Dr. Jesse Morse whose primary goal is to help people lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle by decreasing their overall medical risks without medications or surgery. 

Obesity has become all too common not only America but throughout the world. The hidden dangers of being overweight are detrimental to every aspect of one’s life. Ranging from damage to their joints, increased blood pressure, elevated blood sugar (sometimes causing diabetes), high cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease and so many more.

There are so many weight loss fads, and quick gimmicks that promote unsafe medications that are only temporary. Once these temporary changes are stopped, the person often regains their weight and reverts to their former ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle.

People no longer know which foods are healthy, which are filled with preservatives, and have forgotten the basics. The portion sizes have risen dramatically over the past couple decades. It’s time to get back to the basics! 

Learn how to eat healthy, exercise appropriately and not only shed weight but more importantly also transform the inside of your body as well.

As a double-board certified family medicine and sports medicine physician, Dr. Jesse Morse practices what he preaches. He lives a very healthy lifestyle, eating ‘clean’ and exercising 5-7 days a week. He treats orthopedic injuries and also helps his patients get back to living a healthy lifestyle as well.
Take back your life now! Stop giving in to the vicious obesity cycle. Put your email below for more information! 

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