Doctorate Level

$375 for program design


This means that your initial payment will be $1372 in total, then you will be billed the $997/month rate in your second month.


Answering common questions like:

You get:

Dr. Morse will:

Weekly Check-Ins:

Topics Also Discussed:

Monthly telemedicine consultation to discuss injuries, joint aches pains etc
This is usually a $250 consultation fee

Perfect for elite athletes (crossfit, triathletes, competing for IronMan), and professional athletes (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, tennis, soccer).
This is like having your own personal Sports Medicine Doctor right at your fingertips, answering your questions quickly.
Will discuss progress, goals, stresses

Add Ons:

Service                Price                Duration                   
Accountability Coaching: Once-A-Day $197 A Month
Accountability Coaching: Twice-A-Day $297 A Month
Initial Lab Work $199 One-Time Fee
Dr. Morse’s E-Book $9.99 One-Time Fee

15-minute Consult with Dr. Morse

$97.00 15 Minutes